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With Fun Trax always expect Entertainment and personal service that goes above and beyond normal limits. I always bring my best to every event using one-of-a-kind computerized lighting and specially processed sound systems. From young to old the atmosphere will be suited for eveyone from classy to fun! View the video below so you can see some examples of my work.


Fun Trax disk jockey service unique approach

Fun Trax DJ service serves as a DJ in Michigan and DJ in ohio. I take a professionally unique approach focusing primarily on everyone having an exceptionally entertaining time.  At the start of your event and during dinner I take time to socialize with the guests. Taking the opportunity to socialize with guests is frequently overlooked by many DJs and DJ services, but is critical, it affords me the opportunity to see what types of music guests like which in-turn helps me guide the direction of music later. When working as a wedding DJ throughout dinner I will give guests the opportunity to interact in activities to keep them entertained. After dinner I incorporate various routines and dances, such as the anniversary dance, to start things off. I keep the evening going with different dances including group participation dances allowing everyone to have a fun filled night.

Lantern Dance Included FREE with all wedding packages

Fun Trax disk jockey service sets themselves apart from many competitors with their use of computerized lighting. This equipment lets me set the mood correctly for slow dances with shades of color such as purples, blues, reds, greens etc. When dance music is being played this lighting system is used to add movement to the lights without being overwhelming or tacky because the shows are custom designed in advance. Later in the evening this system gives the option of using the strobe light for short sessions to give the slow motion effect. This tends to make people want to jump up and down especially when used with a proper song such as “Jump Around” by House of Pain.

Gear vs. Talent

A lot of people are always debating which is more important, the DJ's equipment or their talent. The fact is they are both equally important.  You can have the best wedding disc jockey in the world but if they are using low quality equipment it may lead to many problems that mostly are unconsciously noticed.  For instance, if the DJ does not have adequate sound between the high and low music ranges it will not have that soothing sound of proper balance that you would hear at a large concert and may actually sound irritating. There has to be proper balance between the systems to get a nice, loud, soothing sound.

On the concept of talent, if the DJ has the best equipment and does not know how to coordinate the evening, it may lead to having a very disorganized event. It is the DJ's job to keep an eye on all your guests and determine if things may need to be sped up to keep the evening lively and free from boredom, or slow things down to maintain a relaxed atmosphere. Again there must be a proper balance to this or there may be some unconscious irritation.

Lighting is also very important to keep the evening lively once the party does get started. Fun Trax disk jockey service uses computerized lighting that is still very rare to see at a typical event. When lighting is used correctly for instance placing the strobe light for a short period of time at the chorus of a lively hip hop song, it will entice people to dance.

Fun Trax Disk Jockey service also uses many unique techniques to get your guests to dance and enjoy the evening. I will only reveal some of the things I do until the night of the event because of the time spent researching and testing what works. If asked I will not hesitate to give out referrals of previous clients so you can ask what they thought.

Rating: 4/5

"We highly recommend FunTrax DJ and Robert for wedding receptions. He knows how to interact with any age audience and keeps the party going. We planned our venue from California and he made it less stressful. You wouldn't regret your decision, especially with his attractive pricing."

-P & H 2011-06-25